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Arleth G Photography is a Riverside County based full service fine art wedding photographer offering luxury imagery to beautiful brides all over Sunny Southern California and the world. Our innate passion is to provide couples with the photographic experience of a lifetime. Your first step to beautiful? It starts here!

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We were eating spaghetti. Red sauce and noodles covered my fork as I tried to explain to him why we should become wedding photographers. Why we NEEDED to. A desperate undertone in my voice I'm sure. 

Maybe it was because I had a new found obsession with weddings after having just planned my own. Or maybe it was because for the first time in my life since my childhood I was finally in a place where I knew my dreams were possible. Any dreams. So there in that moment, as crazy as they sounded I laid them all out on our dining room table. And Mario listened.  

He listened intently. Because that's what husbands do. And really he must have thought I was crazy with me never having had a remote interest in photography prior to this conversation and all. I watched him think for a second and as he looked up from his plate, with a calm certainty in his voice he said ok, let's do it. Just like that, simple. And so, it began.

When I think back to that conversation I don't quite understand the passion I felt in that moment to pursue something I knew nothing about. Whatever it was though, today, I am certain I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. 

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