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Monday, March 6, 2017

Riverside County Wedding Photographer, Fullerton Arboretum: Engagement: Karrie + David

She loved his smile. It was the one and only photo she could see of him online and it was his smile that first caught Karrie's eye. "It must've been a good photo" David joked!  Indeed it must have been because immediately the connection was made and soon Karrie and David were spending most days chatting online for hours. David lived in Australia at the time but in between one of his business trips to California they met up and their love story began to slowly unfold.

A few more mini getaways to California later and Karrie and David both knew. "Things were just... easy with her. Nothing seemed forced and we both just knew."

I am beyond excited to be photographing them into the next chapter of their love story this Summer at the Fullerton Arboretum where just two days ago we photographed their beautiful engagement.

Karrie and David, thank you for taking me out of Riverside County for a lovely afternoon of shooting in your neck of the woods. I had so much fun getting to know you both a little bit more and can't wait to take your pretty pictures at your wedding this Summer! Enjoy this peek at your engagement photos.

Stay beautiful,

Arleth G.


About the photographer:

Arleth G is a chocolate loving high heel wearing, big dream chasing luxury wedding photographer for beautiful So Cal brides. 
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