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Monday, January 2, 2017

Riverside County Wedding Photographer: Daisy & Chris Engagement: Riverside, CA

It's one of my most favorite things. The thing that first drew me and made me fall in love a little more with wedding photography. The people. Getting the opportunity to meet beautiful souls in love who trust me enough to share a little piece of their story with me. Kinda makes my heart skip a little bit every time.

Such was the case with Daisy and Christian. I met them on a lovely cloudy afternoon and over a little mountain hike and pretty pictures they recounted how they first met at church and fell in love. "Yea, she's pretty cool..." he said. But with that little smile that characterizes him and a glance over at her he said oh so much more.

It's discovering the way people love that never gets old to me. I love it. And Daisy and Christian, with your amazing personalities and the fact that you love to sing together AND dress up as Selena and el chico del apartamento 512 on Halloween, (yes, I totally cyber stalked you a little bit haha), I'm sure your marriage will never loose it's magic spark. And also, it's worth noting that the fact you even know who Selena is and LOVE her makes me love you both that much more!

I had so much fun with you guys! Here are a few of my faves from our time together. Enjoy!

Stay beautiful,

Arleth G.

About the photographer:

Arleth G is a chocolate loving high heel wearing, big dream chasing luxury wedding photographer for beautiful So Cal brides. 
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