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Friday, June 24, 2016

Lambs Fellowship, Lake Elsinore: Wedding: Lili & Daniel

Through the years I've been blessed to photograph some pretty amazing couples. Hands down though it's my absolute favorite when I can sit down and over a cup of hot chocolate chat for hours with my clients and somewhere after about hour two, the line between photographer and client is blurred and a beautiful friendship is born. The kind that involves texting in all capital letters, extra exclamation points and ton's of emoji's. Yes, THIS is my kin of couple.

Such was the case with Lili & Daniel. So much so that during their wedding day it was more like hanging out with family.

Lili, (prima, lol), It was sooooooo... no, SOOOOOOO incredibly awesome being a part of yours and Daniel's wedding day. Your love was so beautiful to capture from behind my screen and truly no photo I could ever take could do it justice however my best attempt is below. I hope you love your photos just as much as I loved taking them! 

Stay beautiful,

Arleth G.


About the photographer:

Arleth G is a chocolate loving high heel wearing, big dream chasing luxury wedding photographer for beautiful So Cal brides. 
The wedding images your dreams and Pinterest boards are made of? They start right here beautiful! 

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