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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Riverside County Wedding Photographer: Loft on 2nd: Shannon + Conner

I looked down at his phone as the video began to play. In it, a little girl about 5 was dressed in white. With flowers in hand and a veil covering her pretty brown locks, little Shannon made her way down the play aisle by the hand of her big brother to meet daddy at the end of it. It was her pretend wedding day and everything would be perfect. Only it wasn't. Somewhere between the pretend vows or ring exchanges, daddy or brother did something wrong and pretty little brown haired Shannon had her first bridal "moment". In a fit she exclaimed "NO, you didn't do it properly!".

The video kept rolling and my heart melted as I continued to watch. On a boat stood grown up Shannon staring back at her five year old self on film, old footage mixed with with beautiful new messages from her friends and family. And then appeared Conner. He proceeded to deliver one of the most beautiful love messages I've ever heard to his lovely, and at the end of that message he said these words: "Shannon, I want the rest of your life to be done properly. Will you marry me?"

And then I cried.

It was such a joy photographing and getting to know these two beautiful souls recently for the shoot of my new and upcoming promo video. They are among some of the most genuine and authentically nice people I've ever met and I'm oh so happy to be able to now call them friends.

Below are some of my faves from our time together. Happy viewing!

Stay Beautiful,


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