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Monday, April 11, 2016

One, Two, Three...

One, two, three loops around the block and you still didn't come. Butterflies and tiny feet fluttered in my tummy as I nervously made my way down the sidewalk and past the rows of houses back to our house with your daddy's hand in mine. You'd be here soon but you weren't showing glimpses of a grand entrance soon enough so, determined to help you, I walked.

One, two, three hours passed and you still didn't come. It was time to do what I fretted and get help. You see your mamma is a little stubborn sometimes. She likes to do things herself so getting help from the doctors to help you arrive was not in the plans but it had to be done. So away to the hospital we went. A dose of medicine later and with your daddy's hand still in mine I had never been happier to be in such pain. You were finally arriving. And when you did I swear I had never seen anything more beautiful. 

One, two, three years have passed since that day and I'm still so in love. So in awe of the little boy growing before me each day. You don't even know it yet but you've transformed the way our hearts love. With your daddy's hand in yours and all of our love in your heart, go. Grow. Learn. Become. It is our privilege to help you do so along your way. Happy third birthday my baby!

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