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Thursday, April 14, 2016

5 Tips For a Fun, Flawless and Unforgettable Reception

It's your wedding day. Your ceremony is done, your formal photos have been shot and now you're ready to bustle up that dress, loosen that bow tie and eat, drink and be merry! YES, finally time to cut loose- but will your reception be everything you dreamed of? It should be! And to help make sure that it is I've enlisted the help of my good friend Ross Holman over at Local By DJ, LLC to offer some tips on how to make sure that happens. Disclosure: Although nothing is ever fully perfect and there might be things that will inevitably be out of your control, below are a few tips from a seasoned pro that will help ensure a more fun, flawless and unforgettable reception for you and your guests.

Ross Holman is the founder and owner of Local Boy DJ, LLC. A Riverside County based award winning mobile interactive DJ service. And PS: They are my go to for ALL of my family weddings and events because, well, they're simply the best!     

1. Know your crowd
Consider your guest list and be intentional with your song selection for open dancing. The receptions we DJ where the guests have the most fun are the ones in which the bride and groom genuinely care about entertaining not only themselves but also their guests. Select music you love to get down to but also mix in songs you know for sure will get grandma and grandpa or crazy uncle Steve on the dance floor. Trust me, it'll make your reception that much better!

2. Don't over entertain your guests
Remember a reception is a party so allow your guests time to relax, chit chat and mingle in between your highlight moments. Some couples opt to skip some of the formalities all together and forego traditions like the bouquet and garter toss or the dollar dance to allow more time for fun and dancing. Although we're not suggesting you should do the same, don't be afraid to bend tradition a little if you think some of the formalities might be a bit much for you and your crowd.

3. Create a solid reception timeline
This, my friends, is key! Connect with your DJ ahead of time to create a solid outline for the night. A seasoned professional DJ will understand the ebb and flow and subtleties of a wedding reception and will be able to provide key insight on how to time and separate your event highlights and open dancing etc. Here at Local Boy DJ we begin working with our couples weeks in advance before their wedding date to knock out a sure-fire timeline for their reception. You can download a free PDF sample of the timeline we use and adjust for all of our couples: HERE.

4. Hire a seasoned MC
Sure you want your DJ to be able to spin your favorite songs, but you also want to make sure he can engage, direct and smoothly run the events of the night with style and grace. A seasoned DJ will know how pump up a crowd for your grand entrance, effectively call your guests attention to the cake table when it's time to cut the cake and will smoothly designate table releases for a buffet line if you choose to have dinner served buffet style. Nothing worse than a chaotic cafeteria style line at the buffet tables when the guests all decide to serve themselves at the same time because there's no direction. Oh wait I know what's worse, a DJ that sounds like he's MC'ing a fist pumping contest at a bar instead of a wedding or even worse, an MC that pronounces your names wrong, ouch! Needless to say, please, please, please hire a seasoned MC!

5. Dare to be different
Some of the most memorable receptions I've DJ'd have been the ones where couples incorporate something very unique and personal to them to the night. I had a couple do a grand exit once to a crowd throwing marshmallows at them instead of bubbles or rice because random marshmallow fights were something fun that their families sometimes did when they got together. Another couple held a fun catwalk shoe judging contest and asked their guests to wear unique shoes to their wedding so the couple could judge their favorite pair because the bride was big on shoes. Sure you can gather inspiration from Pinterest and other sources for ideas but also dare to be different. Create something unique to you that speaks to your story. It'l leave your guests talking and make your reception truly unforgettable.

I hope these tips were helpful to you pretty planning ladies! A HUGE thank you one again to Ross Holman and Local Boy DJ for kicking some awesome knowledge this way for today's post. You can find them and their awesome services on the web and elsewhere here:

Local Boy DJ
2241 Business Way
Riverside, CA 92501

Stay beautiful,


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