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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Who You Are

You got up from our table and offered to help the groom hand out meal tickets so that he could enjoy his reception with his new bride instead of work. That's who you are.

You helped me untangle the necklace I wanted to wear when I was stressed and it was the last thing I needed to do before we could rush out the door on time. That's who you are.

I told you the baby needed teething gel and you showed up at home with teething toys, teething pacifiers, night and day teething gel PLUS a box of chocolate covered ice cream bars for me. That's who you are.

I tell you I'm tired and you take the boys out on an adventure so that I can take a nap. That's who you are.

When I don't have time to make dinner you bring takeout. And you never complain. That's who you are.

When a friend calls on you for advice you're there on the phone. When someone you know is in need of home repairs you're at their door with your tool box. When my sister runs out of gas on the freeway you show up with a gas tank. When I loose my glasses, my keys and my mind you always help me find them. And you always know exactly where to look.

That's who you are.

How on earth did I end up so lucky? I don't know how. But each and every day I am so thankful that who you are chooses to love someone like me.

I love you,


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