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Friday, March 4, 2016

We Built a Fort

Yesterday I came home exhausted. I had a day that began at 4am involving lights, heavy makeup and peak morning traffic so by the time I made it back home to my babies I had very little energy to give. And my two year old could sense it.

Mario and I sat plopped on the couch and in between tired toned, half sleepy conversations of potential investor presentations and new marketing ideas, Avran bounced around us inciting us to play. iPhones, iPads and laptops were going when I looked over. My babies were alone. Their parents were there but not really present. Caught up in the exhaustion of "doing" and, for a moment, forgetting who all the "doing" was for.

So we built a fort. We shut off our iPhones, took out a blanket and we built a fort. There. On our couch. We laughed underneath it, tickled little noses and kissed little cheeks. And with Jack Johnson riffs playing in the background, fake lashes off, dark under eye circles and all, we danced in that living room. And we were present.

It's easy to get caught up in your hustle. To forget who all the "doing" is for. But I hope deeply that each time I begin to I can catch myself... and just build a fort.

Stay beautiful,


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