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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Arleth G Video Video: Behind The Scenes

He sat across the table from me as I sipped on my strawberry shake. Cool dreadlocks framing his eyes as he intently listened. In between sips I tried to articulate my vision. "I want something different. I don't want to do what everyone else is doing. I don't want an open field, sun flaring in the background and me saying things like- I like to capture the moments. I want a wedding photography promo video for my business that's a TRUE reflection of me"

Edmund nodded. And being a former wedding photographer himself I knew he understood. So I showed him what I had. Written outline, script, notes and everything else I could come up with in the brief two days I had to make it happen. Together we listened to the audio script I recorded on my phone, and as we did, a little bit of magic began to spill over the table of that otherwise empty restaurant. Exciting things were about to ensue... but if for some reason this whole wedding photography thing didn't pan out, Edmund assured me I definitely had a future in doing commercial voice overs for him haha!

We recently wrapped the filming of the first ever Arleth G Photography promotional video and I can not begin to express how excited I am to see all of our ideas come to life! Check us out behind the scenes below and listen to a little clip of what's in store HERE.

Stay beautiful!



The beautiful Loft on 2nd served as our awesome backdrop for the day 



In the chair. Photo below courtesy of @EdmundPrieto via Instagram.

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