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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

One to Remember

You had a whole evening planned for us. Dinner on a boat with views of the night ocean sky would make our very first Valentines Day together one to remember. Forever. Instead, our romantic three course meal was replaced by enchiladas on paper plates and dessert packaged in Saran Wrap as we sat in a booth next to a homeless man in an otherwise empty hybrid of a Carl's Jr. and Green Burrito. It was amazing to begin to get to know you that night and watch for the first time as you made wrong turns, got angry at traffic and profusely apologized for not making things perfect. It was perfect. A night I will always remember. Forever.

That was almost 15 years ago. And with all of that time behind us I am amazed at how you still continue to try your best to make me feel special. This past weekend you had a whole evening planned for us. Dinner on a picnic blanket in a beautiful garden with lush views of the sunset sky that would make this years Valentines Day one to remember. Instead, baby sitting plans changed and our romantic three course meal was poured all over the picnic blanket by a wild little toddler who was ecstatic about sipping cider from a wine glass for the first time. Our three month old laid on that blanket with us and in between diaper changes and potty runs we were able to get just about a whole seven minutes on that picnic blanket. A whole beautiful seven minutes.

It's still amazing to continue to get to know you and watch as you patiently soothe a crying baby, make countless trips to the bathroom with Avran in hand and wipe boogers from little noses.  It is my privilege to live life by your side and watch you in this new phase as a dad. The best dad.

So my love, I know you apologized for not making things perfect, but they were perfect. And this Valentines Day will be one I will always remember. Forever.



One from our beautiful chaos this past weekend.  

Fallbrook CA

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