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Friday, February 5, 2016

Don't Turn Off The Lights

It was time to turn off the lights. His tiny little body nestled perfectly against the soft curve of my shoulder. I could kiss Esai's tiny cheek and take in his beautiful newborn smell if I turned my head slightly left, but it had been one of those days. I was tired, and it was time to turn off the lights.

As I turned to hit the switch, baby still in my arms, I heard him. My two year old. His laughter echoing from the living room and kitchen. He was running form his daddy in a toddler's game of tag and in between laughs blurting out tiny toddler words in Spanish. He was a big boy. So far removed from the newborn that nestled perfectly against my shoulder what seemed to be just yesterday. But time like the wind is unstoppable. And his time with me as a baby was gone. 

A little bit of magic hit me right then, and I held on to that moment a little longer. There in my mismatched pajamas beside a messy unmade bed I hugged the tiny baby in my arms a little tighter. I kissed his little cheek and breathed in his beautiful newborn smell wishing I could bottle it up and carry it with me forever. And I will. 

That night the lights stayed on in my bedroom a little longer. Lullabies only I will remember were sung in his little ear as he swayed in my arms and danced with me a little while more. In that moment a memory was etched in my soul forever and my heart was ever so full.   

My second baby boy, Esai Lex Gutierrez.

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