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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Confessions of a Part Time Health Freak

The other night Mario told me his doctor said he showed signs of high cholesterol and I freaked. No, I FREAKED! And when I freak out I give lectures. So what followed was a conversation filled with, "WHAT?!?" and "You're going on a juice cleanse!" and "I'm buying you fish oil" and "You can't eat chips EVER AGAIN!" and "But Arleth I never eat chips" and "I'm too young for you to eat chips and die!" Index finger pointed in the air and everything because I'm a little dramatic like that. Ok, not a little, a lot.


Since overcoming a chronic stomach illness holistically, health foods and supplements have become my besties. You know that obnoxious friend who eats organic and believes coconut oil is the answer to everything wrong with the world? I'm that friend. The kind that's part health freak. The kind that (insert eye rolls here):

*Fresh squeezes her orange juice daily

*Knows what "kombucha" is

*Believes toxins are the devil

*Hearts non GMO labels

*Eats Ezequiel bread because grains are evil

*Has a love affair with coconut oil

*Is overcome with glee at a Farmers Market

Farmers Market

*Reads WAY too many health blogs

*Feeds her child teddy bear shaped vitamins

*Refused the epidural TWICE (because she's also part gangsta')

*Nurses because "breast is best"

*SWEARS by the supplements in her pantry

*Uses natural goat milk soaps and lotions because, parabens duh!


*Forgets all of the above if you show up at her door step with a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints and in her amnesia will joyfully consume the entire box of beautiful toxins because, hey, it's all about balance right? Haha!

Are you part health freak too? Let's be friends! Like and comment your favorite health freak habits below and share this post with a friend who's just as crazy for coconut oil as you! ;)

Stay beautiful,

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