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Thursday, February 18, 2016

15 Signs You Grew Up Chola

Sure I'm little bit hood! I admit it. I'm a Mexi-cana who grew up in the IE and went to continuation so it came a little natural and with the territory I guess. In retrospect, the days where most of the things below applied to me are far, FAR, behind but every now and again I get tagged on an old photo on Facebook- And it's at those times that "I still sit and reminisce, think about the years I was raised, back in the days." Haha!

Here are 15 signs you might have grown up a little bit chola too:

1. You wore your first name around your neck on a gold necklace

2. You know who Art Laboe is

3. You either made or had a dedication made to you on Art Laboe

4. You speak three languages. English, Spanish and Spanglish

5. You laugh at the crazy sharpie eyebrow memes but yours were the same or worse at one point

6. Your love song was "Always and Forever"

7. You shopped the latest trends at the indoor swap meet

8. You and your friends had nicknames like "shy girl" and "precious"

9. You wore dark brown lip liner and nothing else on your lips

10. You liked bald guys

11. You looked mad on purpose in pictures

12. You called kissing "scamming" in middle school

13. You took pictures at Photomakers with a "Smile Now Cry Later" background

14. You eagerly handed out said pictures to your friends at school the next day but not without a hand written dedication on the back- And the friends you didn't really like, didn't get one

15. You can relate to to at least 10 of these and we should totally be friends!

Share with your chola friends!

Stay beautiful "locas"!


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