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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Riverside County Wedding Photographer: Mayra & Larry Engagement

It's not often I'm commissioned to document a wedding day which also happens to be a special day to me personally. One where I'll get to see my husband in the role of the officiant and one where I'll get to snap pictures of my baby boy as he makes his first official appearance down the aisle as part of a bridal party. (Tears for SURE from behind my camera!)

I'm beyond excited to get to take pretty pictures of my sister in law and my new brother in law this Summer as they step into a new chapter of their lives as husband and wife. As we all like to joke... It's about TIME! Haha! Special family times to be made and shared that I simply can not wait for!

A few weeks ago we got together for their engagement session where they became my latest pair of "professional nudgers" and snugglers. Here are a few of my favorites from the day ;)


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  1. These are just heart throbbing photographs. I love the location they selected for their pre wedding shoot. We just got engaged at one of the domestic party city locations NY. Now we have been planning to visit Bali for our pre wedding photo shoot.


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