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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Riverside Wedding Photographer: An open letter to my Mother on her birthday

I caught a glimpse of unconditional love before I had my son. It showed up many times, as I sit back and recall, all in a collection of tiny moments seeming only trivial at the time.

I first saw it when I was five. It was my first day of school in a new Country and I was scared. Unable to speak English and communicate or understand a thing, I hopped on the wrong bus on my way back home. One by one the kids emptied that bus as I watched the driver pull further and further away from my stop. I cried in my seat for what seemed like hours. And then in the distance through my window I saw you. A frantic young woman waving down every car on the street. When that bus stopped you ran inside and hugged me. And we both cried.

Later I saw it when I was a teenager. A sassy 14 year old who had all the answers. You warned me against making the wrong friends, falling for the wrong boys and being in the wrong places. On each and every count I went against your advice. And it earned me a few well deserved slaps across the face that still sting deep when I think about them. Not because of the physical pain they caused me. But because of the pain that I caused your heart when I didn't understand that all you would say came from the depth of your love for me. And you were right. Every. Single. Time.

I see it now in the way you look at my son. Your grandson. You love him like he was your own. And with every hug to give, every meal you cook and every piece of advice you so freely give I see it. Even more clearly now that I have my own child.

So today on your birthday I just want you to know that I am so grateful for each year I've been blessed to have you. And I pray I get to watch you live many more. Because you see I caught a glimpse of unconditional love once before I had my son. And I saw it because of you.

Happy birthday Mamma! I love you!          


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