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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Riverside County Wedding Photographer: Do Something Scary!

"Do something everyday that scares you..."

I read that somewhere on the internet a few days ago-  "Do something everyday that scares you, because in conquering that fear, you will grow" Something about those words struck a chord.

I, for one, am a girl who loves comfort. I love comfort as much as I love cake. No- I like comfort as much as a fat kid loves cake! A creature of habit is what I am. Let me explain myself. I'm the type of person that's perfectly happy ordering the same thing every single time I go to a restaurant because I'm afraid I might not like the new thing I order and then it'll ruin my whole entire meal. And let me tell you, few things are worse than my wrath when I'm hungry and my food is compromised. Pathetic, I know.

My personality is one of routine, order and over calculation when taking risks. And though these habits are great to a degree, nothing in excess is ever a good thing.

I'm embarrased to admit that my "hungry girl at the restaurant" mentality has often seeped through to other aspects of my life, relationships and even my business. I mean I can't even count the number of times Mario tried to encourage me to open an Instagram to share my photos, cause' DUH I'm a photographer, and for the longest time I just shrugged it off and said it wasn't really necessary. When really deep down I was just scared to adapt.

This year I plan to make a few changes. Pro actively and consciously. And although I can't all together ditch the OCD girl that lies within, I want to try and do something everyday that scares me. If not every day than every week, or even every month. Because if I can grow a little each time then its going to be an incredible 2015!



First attemp: stepping away from my desk on a busy afternoon to sit back and smell the roses... or the bathroom during potty breaks haha! In any case, spending an afternoon work day out with my son, niece and nephews the other day was about the most refreshing thing I've done in a while. And if I look a hot mess in the photo below that's because I was. Skyzone and Farell's take on a whole new meaning with four kids. Hashtag ArlethGSupernanny!!


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