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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Riverside Wedding Photographer: Sherrie & Mike

She caught his attention immediately. And before the end of the night at their mutual friends gathering Mike knew he had to at least get her name. He did. But he didn't quite get Sherrie's attention back... not yet that is.

Weeks passed and Mike found ways to make [not so] subtle appearances in Sherrie's life. Like volunteering to help Sherrie's mother with home improvement projects. Because a man with a hammer in hand is hard to resist!

Weeks turned to months, and slowly but surely Mike proved that a man with a tool belt and his heart on his sleeve isn't easily resistible. He won Sherrie over and within a few short months they were married.

I had the distinct privilege of photographing them a few days ago for a beautiful day after shoot in Riverside County and in the process learn a little piece of their love story.

Sherrie and Mike thank you for spending an afternoon with me and my camera and thank you for helping me create some of my favorite wedding images to date this year!



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