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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Riverside Wedding Photographer: Private Estate Downtown Riverside Wedding

It happened on one of their dates. Kim was all dressed up and looked beautiful for her date with Colin- high heels, fancy dress and all.  After a lovely evening together they chatted in the car and it was then that Colin made the suggestion. As they drove past a park with a baseball field he unexpectedly asked her if she wanted to stop play a game of catch with him. There, in her best dress, under the moon and stars that lit up that night.

Kim's laughter and beauty shone brighter than the moon over their game of catch that night in that baseball field. It was there in that moment that Colin knew Kim was the one.

Kim and Colin, how can I accurately articulate just how wonderful it was to be a part of your wedding day? You two have a pair of the loveliest souls and the love from your friends and family surrounding you on your wedding day was truly palpable. May your lives be forever blessed and enriched... and may the babies come soon so I can see you again and take some family portraits!



Venue: Private Estate/ Riverside Convention Center
DJ: Local Boy DJ & Film        

We started off the day with a gorgeous one of a kind hand crafted gown complete with vintage lace from the mother of the bride's own wedding gown and made by the mother of the bride herself. LOVE! 

So many gorgeous details!

Love this father/daughter first look!

Shout out to all the beautiful ladies from the bridal party!

Kim. You. Are. Stunning.

A little music magic by the talented Local Boy DJ who was on hand to ensure the party was nothing short of amazing.

And I'll end with this one right here, because this photo proves Kim is EXACTLY my kinda' bride. Go'on with your bad self girl!

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