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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Betty Reckas, Long Beach Wedding: Abby & Drew

She was cool, she was calm, she was collected. But most of all Abby was over the moon with joy that the day had finally come to marry Drew. Sitting in her makeup chair with her hair still only half pinned she admitted out loud that she was nervous. Nervous about her vows. She and Drew would recite their own later that day standing in front of one another in the middle of what would become one of the most remembered days of the rest of their lives... buuut no pressure!

Between champagne and humorous girl talk about disastrous high school eyebrow faux paus, her girls reassured her she'd be amazing. And she was. With tears in their eyes Abby and Drew exchanged the most beautiful of words. I have to admit that while Drew spoke I teared up a little behind my camera... right before reminding myself to get it together because I'm a professional haha!

Abby, YOU are the! Really. Any bride that gets me cupcakes on their wedding day is my BBFFAE (bride best friend forever and ever)! It was an absolute joy to share in a little piece of your big day and get to see your love cross over to the next chapter from behind my camera.

Thank you for your trust Abby and enjoy this little peek at your photos!



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