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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Los Angeles Engagement: Kimberly & Colin

"She loves surprises. But she's very smart so it's not always easy to do- so now I've made it my life mission to surprise her." Colin held Kimberly's hand as he recounted part of their engagement story and as he spoke those words I caught a glimpse of it. There a midst his sentences and the subtle look they exchanged stood a tiny glimpse of their love. Warm and beautiful.

Since Colin and Kimberly love the beach, he schemed a pretty little plan around their favorite backdrop for their engagement. Colin asked his mother to gift he and Kimberly a gift card to a restaurant on the Santa Monica shoreline so that Kimberly wouldn't suspect it to be anything special. On what seemed like a typical day, they used the gift card and decided to make a fun day of it on the beach. They were enjoying their day in the sun, and then decided to play some catch as they are also avid baseball fans. Kimberly turned to gather their gloves and baseball... but the scene she would find when she turned back around would leave her breathless. There was Colin on one knee with a ring in his hand and the surprise of a lifetime.

Kimberly and Colin YOU. ARE. AMAZING. Your love is truly effortless to capture. Thank you for trusting me to document it and allowing me to share in a small piece of your story.



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