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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagement: Zeke & Cassie

Wherever he goes she will go. This she said with certainty. And by the tone of her voice I knew she truly meant it. Cassie and Zeke were just teens when they first met but through the years their love has grown and a new page of their love story will be written this Summer as they celebrate their beautiful wedding day surrounded by their friends and families back East. Although I will not be documenting their wedding day it was a true pleasure for me to get to meet and photograph their engagement this past Sunday in Downtown LA.

Cassie and Zeke, thank you so much for trusting me with your engagement photos. I had so much fun getting to know you both a little more while taking your pretty pictures! A million and one best wishes to you both on your upcoming wedding and new lives together as husband and wife!




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  1. Arleth! Thank you so much again! These are just truly incredible! The pics of us walking make me smile because you make me look to elegant and graceful even though I was all wobbly, LOL! This pictures will be a moment in history for us. I look forward to sharing them with our kids (when we have them) so they can see how cool their parents were when we lived in downtown LA, hehe! Much love :)

    1. Cassie you are so welcome! You guys were great models so you deserve some credit too. I'm so excited you love your images! Oh and PS: You ARE elegant so it was easy making you look that way ;) ;)


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