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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Downtown Redlands Engagement: Candace & Jeremy

She remembers calendar dates like she remembers her name. Perfectly. I love that about Candace. And it was on a lovely day in 2011 that, after meeting in College and catching each others eye, Jeremy asked Candace out on a date to "teach him how to properly eat with chopsticks". Candace is a quarter Japanese and since Jeremy was taking a trip overseas to China it seemed perfectly fitting... and not overly obvious that what he really wanted was to spend time with her. Ok so it was obvious. He was quite the professional with the little things after that date though Candace says!

They had each others interest long before that date so she was SURE he would ask her to be his girlfriend before he left on his trip. But he didn't. And she was sorta crushed. Fast forward to his return from the trip and some time later plus a beach sunset in the backdrop it finally happened. They made it official and after passing Candace's fathers intense questionnaire/test it was a done deal! They will be getting married this August and I am ever so ecstatic to watch them both say I do.

Candace and Jeremy you are both sweeter than cupcakes! Really you are. I can not wait to see you surrounded by your friends and family this Summer as you enter the next chapter of your love story together!



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