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Friday, March 21, 2014

Riverside Wedding Photographer: Ponte Winery Temecula Engagement: Rebecca & Louis

It was a little bit of a blind date cyber set up set back in the MySpace days. Rebecca and Louis's mutual friends saw the potential. The potential for something special, and didn't hesitate. Soon they had brokered the deal and Rebecca and Louis got busy checking out each others MySpace pages, watching for "Updates" and agreeing to add the other as a "Friend".

Louis was a few hours away so at first it was all phone calls and texts, but then... "The Dark Knight". Louis had been wanting to watch that movie so it seemed appropriate to ask Rebecca out to watch it on their very first date. Being the very timid gal that she is, Rebecca wondered if she should even go at all because in her words, "What if it's awkward and WEIRD!?!". But with nerves and butterflies she showed up. And with warm conversations and a little wit and charm Louis began making his way into her heart and her into his.

Five years later they found themselves standing miles off the ground atop a hot air balloon. Him on one knee and her breathless. To say I'm simply "excited" to shoot their wedding in a few short months would be an understatement. I'm ecstatic!

Rebecca and Louis it has truly been a pleasure getting to know you both through your wedding planning process. I've loved our conversations, am so thankful for your trust and am beyond thrilled to watch you say I do. It's going to be amazing!


 We started in beautiful Old Town Temecula...

Hey Rebecca, we got him sorta' smiling!!!

...and here's another Louis smile- SCORE!

We moved on over to a nearby open field before heading to the vineyards...and the photos that transpired there?...LOVE!

Really girl? Work IT!

We ended the day in the vineyards with breathtaking views and love in the air

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  1. Wow Arleth cada vez me sorprenden mas tus logros... Espectaculares fotos !!!... Grandioso trabajo y q pareja tan linda !!!


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