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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Brand Park Los Angeles Engagement: Austin & Ciara

It was a typical day. A typical gathering. The typical friends. Only this time something was not so typical. Through mutual friends Ciara and Austin were both invited to the same barbecue, and on that perfect day, just like a scene out of a movie, their eyes met across the way and it was, well, love at first sight. Like really.

Almost immediately Austin made his way towards her to introduce himself and all Ciara remembers thinking was "Oh my gaaaad is this really happening?!?" It was. And on that very day Austin walked away with a little piece of her heart, a photo she took of his brother and her phone number.

Two years later I stood in Brand Park with two beautiful people before me, happy and in love. My heart was full.

Ciara and Austin, you two are simply the best! Really you are-and you made me fall a little more in love with what I do. I can't wait to have you both in front of my camera again this Summer with the beautiful San Diego beach as a backdrop to you wedding photos. It's going to be EPIC!



The sun behind them in this first series of images? LOVE!    

Little tiny peek of sunshine in photo below, I-love-you!

Ciara you rock the fierce like nobody's business! In Austin's words, "You're a babe!"

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  1. Beautifull Ciara! Absolutely stunning pictures :) it's true when they say you can see in your eyes when you are in love. And these photos show JUST HOW MUCH you both love each other <3 So happy for you, I can't say it enough!

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