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Friday, February 21, 2014

Temecula Wedding: Secluded Garden Estates: Hector & Celina

She was the new girl in school. High School to be exact. And from his locker Hector stood without a clue that the girl who had the locker next to him would become someone special. He would be friendly towards her he thought. After all Celina was the new girl! 

From sharing classes together, to endless late night telephone conversations to sharing same music interests (Say Anything guys?!?), Hector and Celina's lives took a turn for forever when at a church retreat, after spending hours in each other's company they realized that was it. He was meant for her and she for him. 

High school sweethearts. And by the way they looked at each other during their vows everyone could see that they would continue to be just that. For as long as they both shall live.

Hector and Celina more than friends you guys have become like family. We were SO blessed to be able to form a small part of your wedding day and can't wait to watch you grow in your new lives together as husband and wife!



Some pretty pink pumps to start off the day... love!!


Go on with your beautiful self!

Celina is a HUGE DIY gal so these gorgeous wildflower bouquet beauties you see right here? She bought and assembled herself for less that $60! 

The beautiful younger sister and maid of honor! Shout out!!

An another shout out to these lovely ladies who helped every step of the way to make Celina's day run without a hitch.

SWOONING over these!

Lookin' dapper in your Presidential Blue Hector!

Onto my favorites from the day...


Quite possibly some of my most favorite series of veil shots ever...


All these rustic DIY details? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

This little man right here had the moves like Jagger. Kept it going on the dance floor ALL night!

Congrats again you two!

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