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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Downtown Riverside Engagement: Edward & Cynthia

It was a not so routine customer service follow up phone call. Anticipation with a slight hint of excitement accompanied Cynthia at her desk as she picked up the phone to call Edward, the "client" whom she had assisted with a car rental a few days before at her job where they first met. That first meeting was a lovely mix of professional document signing, friendly conversation, butterflies in the stomach and secret thoughts of Oh my gaaad this guy is cute! As the phone rang she rehearsed the routine list of follow up questions in her head and sparsely hoped that the conversation would perhaps lead to something more.


Cynthia: "Hello Mr. Chacon, this is Cynthia and this is a routine follow phone call to ask how your car rental experience was with us."       

Edward: "Hi. Umm it was great!"

Insert list of routine follow up questions a midst semi-awkward flirtatious laughter here.


It was obvious neither of them wanted to hag up. And after a few semi-awkward paused silences it finally happened...

Edward: "Hey soooo, do you want to grab dinner sometime?"

Cynthia: "Umm, sure." (In her head YESSS!!!)

They had dinner at BJ's later that evening and the sparks that flew at that first car rental meeting continued. Fast forward some time later and, after Cynthia by her own admission stopped playing hard to get for a whole year as she says, they were celebrating their first Valentine's Day dinner at Mario's Place and are now planning a beautiful Summer wedding which I can hardly wait to document.

Cynthia and Edward you guys are awesome. No really you are. Thank you for playing my part time cousins so we wouldn't get in trouble during your shoot and thank you for being just so great! I can not wait to see you dressed up in your wedding gear and take your pretty picture on your big day this Summer!



Cynthia you are beautiful!

RAWR work it out you two!

After a quick outfit change we headed to Downtown Riverside and this coral dress and teal necklace ensemble? LOVE!

On the right, proof I'm hilarious! Even if in my own mind ;)


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