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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pasadena City Hall Engagement: Mayra & Sergio

It was a love 12 years in the making. Because sometimes perfection takes just a little more time... and a cup of tea.

When Mayra first caught a glimpse of the guy from her sisters' church, Sergio, whom they repeatedly assured her she would one day end up with, Mayra laughed it off and thought to herself yea... riiiight! But yea was the only she was right about because Sergio? He was more than interested. He would occasionally walk up to her at church , say God Bless you, offer a handshake in the shy demeanor that characterizes him and then walk off. All the while hoping that the pretty girl he dreamed about would one day be more than just someone he knew.

Somewhere between 12 years, church and the handshakes, numbers were exchanged. And then came the tea. One day when Mayra found herself incredibly ill, Sergio surprised her with a cup of tea that warmed up much more than her aching throat. She agreed to meet him later that same day although she was still feeling very sick and they chatted. A lot. Little by little she began to understand why her sisters were so sure of Sergio for so long. And it wasn't long before she was too!

Mayra and Sergio I LOVED spending the afternoon with you guys, talking, laughing and hearing your story... oh, and taking your pretty picture in between. ;) It's couples like you that make me fall a little more in love with what I do. I am beyond thrilled to be photographing your wedding next Spring and getting a front row seat as you enter into a new chapter as husband and wife.



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