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Thursday, October 3, 2013

In Black and White: Benedict Castle, Riverside Wedding Rehearsal

I still had my belly. And from across the table they found it hard to believe I was a pregnant woman of seven months. Over cupcakes she told me all about her beautiful vintage inspired wedding day. Nicole's smile lit her pretty face as she described every detail. Josh would nod. Without saying much, his occasional glances at her as she spoke said it all. I was immediately smitten. And even more so honored that they would choose me to document their special day. 

My son's birth, their engagement session and a million finalized wedding details later I can't believe how fast time has flown! As you read this, I will be documenting their wedding day. Spending my Friday snapping away taking pretty pictures of two two beautiful people in love? Yes please!  

...some from their wedding rehearsal earlier this week.

Happy Friday!


Pastor ready to get his nuptial practice on!

 PS: I totally know I owe you guys Random Object Friday. It'll be back very, VERY soon I promise! 

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