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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crystal Cove Laguna Beach Engagement: Miriam & Paul

There in Central Park, thousands of miles from the beautiful vineyards of California where their paths first crossed, it happened..

Miriam was in New York with Paul on a fun filled tourist adventure. Or so she thought. After their visit to the Statue of Liberty they headed out towards the boat house in Central Park. It was getting late, and Paul knew he had only but a few minutes left to turn that day into one of the most memorable of both of their lives.

As the gatekeeper of the boathouse announced they could no longer enter, Paul managed to wave the ring in front of him in a split second that Miriam was distracted. They were allowed in and there in Central Park, like a scene out of a Hollywood romantic movie, it happened.

Paul and Miriam, thank you so much for allowing me to be a small part of your love story and journey down the aisle. I have no doubt that your wedding day will be nothing short of amazing and I wish you pretty wishes from here to the moon and back on your new lives ahead as husband and wife!

See you guys next March!


All images shot at Crystal Cove Beach

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