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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back on the Wagon :)

Hello again blog reader friends of the world! It's been a while!

While I've been a busy bee this year becoming a professional diaper changing mamma, slash photographer, slash wiffey, slash too many other fun things- this bloggity hasn't gotten the love it needs from me. SOO, I promised myself I'd get back to sharing life again through this little corner of cyber space, even if it's only a few times per week and so this is me attempting to get back on the wagon. :)

I have to say I had to resist the urge of posting yet another picture of my 5 month baby boo boo on here. Instead I'll leave you with this one... one my faves from my last engagement session at Crystal Cove in Orange County this past Sunday.

Stay tuned for the full post coming soon!


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