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Friday, May 17, 2013

Marine Corps Dress Blues: Random Object Friday

Do you still fit in them?, I asked half jokingly hoping he would offer to try them on for me so I could pretend to be a Military Ball princess. Not that those exist or anything but IF they did I would want to be one. Umm, I don't think so... I think I might be fa...wider now... you know, around my chest- cause my chest got wider, cough cough. And boom just like that my Military Ball princess dream was shattered. On the upside though, I will now use the word wider instead of fatter when referring to my weight. It just rolls off the tongue better haha!

Mario was using his old Marine Corps Dress Blues last night in Avran's nursery as backdrop for some Instagram photos he was taking. I saw them hanging on the crib still this morning so you can thank him and his wideness later for facilitating this weeks Random Object Friday. :)

Have a great one ya'll!



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