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Friday, May 3, 2013

Kitchen Dance Parties: Random Object Friday

I had it stored away under my bathroom sink. Yes, out of ALL places. Mario came home with the box one day and as with most of his little surprises for me, he leaves them in the bathroom for me to find. Don't ask why it's just this little thing he does. This box for some reason I just never got to fully opening. 

I discovered it the other day and it made my day. I LOVE having music playing loud throughout my house all day so this iPod player was the perfect accessory to aid with my kitchen dance parties. Yes, I play a little salsa, cook a little chicken and dance my way across the kitchen counters as I do so. And Avran is learning quickly that his mamma is a little cray cray cause I like to show him my dance moves as he stares at me confused from his car seat. Haha!

Here's to kitchen dance parties! Happy Friday!



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