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Friday, April 19, 2013

White Frames Update: Random Object Friday

So remember the last Random Object Friday with the white picture frames for Avran's nursery? No? You can read about it here if you'd like ;). Well the artwork I designed for them finally came in! YAY! I jumped up from the couch when Mario brought them in from the UPS guy and did a little happy dance. Ok so I didn't really jump up from the couch but I did do a happy dance... in my seat. What, I was comfy!

Anywho since Avran wasn't supposed to arrive until today we are a wee behind with the last minute details of his nursery but once these babies are hung everything will be pretty much be complete. Double YAY! I'll share more photos of his nursery if you guys care to see but for now, here's a little peek a boo ;)

...and PS: Yes I totally bit off Pinterest for these, no hating.

Happy Friday!


I decided I wanted to accent the walls with a Gray Chevron pattern so I designed one from scratch in Photoshop

...and accented with a little bit of orange

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  1. great job Arleth that artistic eye I tell ya....


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