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Thursday, April 18, 2013

TBT: Stacy & Stephen Wedding

I'm incredibly blessed to do what I love. And even more blessed to be able to not only call my couples clients, but also friends. Because me? I love- no, LOVE making new friends!

Two years ago Mario and I had the enormous privilege of shooting the wedding of two of the raddest people. Like ever. And yes I just used rad as an adjective, don't judge.

These two had a little piece of my heart from their engagement session! They jumped in the ocean for my camera and quoted from Nacho Libre and boom it was love at first photo! Today we are blessed to call them friends.

This past December we joined them on a trip to Chiapas, Mexico for an incredible experience and labor of love and service to the people there. Stacy and I both with our six and seven month baby bumps and all cause' we're cool like that! These days I'm loving swapping newborn pix and breast feeding tips with her and joking about how her little girl and my baby boy will end up together.

Like I said, I am incredibly blessed to do what I love. Stacy and Stephen, for lack of a better word, you guys are rad!!



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