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Thursday, April 4, 2013

TBT: The Day We Went National

It was our first year in business. We had but a few practice weddings under our belt, our new cameras and a whole lotta' passion. I craved to have a bride and groom in front of my camera. Craved this like a starving man craves for a sandwich. To walk with a bride in her white dress through beautifully landscaped gardens. To help hold her bouquet as I made mildly inappropriate jokes to make her and her groom laugh as I snapped away. To walk her through a romantic pose and capture the essence of love on her special day- raw and beautiful.

But, as was to be expected, no couple would put their trust, let alone invest their dollars, in a new photographer like me with but a few practice weddings under her belt and her knack for mildly inappropriate jokes.

It was our first year in business. And as I sat in the cubicle of my old day job I read her email and my heart flipped a cartwheel. The email was from a bride who saw my work on my blog through a friend of mine who had recently gotten married and I so happened to snap a few wedding photos of. The bride who was emailing me also happened to be at my friends wedding and I happened to snap a few photos of her and her fiancee there too which she happened to see on my blog and she happened to love. After a few email exchanges my heart was cartwheeling all over. I was going to Texas! And it just so happened that later that year, we went National Baby!

Ana and Raul I can't thank you enough again for trusting me. Your wedding will forever hold a very very dear place in my heart. And because of that, here's a little throw back Thursday in your honor!


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