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Friday, April 26, 2013

Starbucks salted caramel cake pop: Random Object Friday

I'm getting kinda spoiled during this whole postpartum 40 day stay at home hibernation period thing. My baby's getting love, my house is getting cleaned and people left and right are bringing all kinds of edible goodies my way. It's pretty freaking awesome!

In my fridge right now I have lemon meringue pie, freshly made chicken soup and a bag of gourmet cheesy bread. All of which do nothing for my attempt to get my figure back and completely defy the purpose of me wearing this gosh awful stomach strangling girdle... but I LOVE it! And I most assuredly will eat up every last bit of that lemon meringue pie! Girdle and all.

This morning my lovely sister stopped by with one of my favorites. A salted caramel cake pop from Starbucks. Gahhh, she knows me too well! Thank you sister for feeding my sweet tooth! Your nephew and I deeply thank you.

And PS: If anyone else is reading and wants to stop by my house with oh... I don't know... a box of Casey's Cupcakes, you will forever hold a piece of my heart. Lol!

Happy Friday!



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