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Friday, April 5, 2013

Decorative White Poster Frames: Random Object Friday

You've probably heard me confess on here before that I am super picky slightly OCD. This fun little fact is made more apparent to those around me when it comes to me designing or planning anything. This was true of my wedding, my baby shower, and has progressively gotten a little worse now with my first child's nursery decorating. Oh my poor mother and sister! I'm sure they cringe quietly in their heads when I ask for their help with a project haha!

Recently I asked my mom to go on a trip to the store with me to look for some frames to hang some custom artwork I've been designing on for Avran's nursery. This little trip? Yea, it turned into a field day. No really. I could not believe not one local store carries square (not rectangle) white frames in a size larger than 11 inches. Ugghh, the insanity! I hate to have to get the things I envision in my head custom made or ordered online when I just want to buy them like right NOW! Like I said, my poor mother haha!

So after a few hundred paces back and forth in the frame aisle at Target and filling and emptying my cart undecided, I figured nothing there would work with what I had envisioned so I went home empty handed. Later that night I Pinterested my hot little hands off until I found some inspiration nursery framed artwork framed with frames I could purchase locally and not have to custom order. I went back to the store on my own the next day and bought these 18x24 frames below... only they still needed some customizing so I painted them from black to white. Lol, I promise I'm not that bad internet... ok- maybe only just a little :)

Happy Friday!


On another note, new carpet for the nursery was installed today, paint and baseboard has been finished and now all that's left is the fun task of making it look pretty! Joy!  

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  1. Hey, This one looks Stunning! Poster frames provide the perfect finishing touch without much fuss at all.


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