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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Avran's First Photos and Why I Prefer Grooms

She walked into my hospital room with a pamphlet in hand. Pretty little faces and feet adorned it and as I looked down at it she proceeded to explain all of the different packages that were available to us. She was selling newborn photography packages to the couples in the hospital who had just delivered. But in an attempt to hide the tiny smirk that was about to form on my face, I smiled kindly instead and answered thank you so much, we're actually wedding photographers so we will most likely be taking our babies photos... smiley face, smiley face.

Come'on, shooting is my thing. I do this all day everyday so of course I would be taking my newborn babies pictures. Right? But then last week happened. And as I was shooting the angry little thing in front of me that was my son, his hair a sweaty mess and face red hot from all the crying, part of me wished I would have kept that pamphlet and I secretly felt awful for the smirk I almost showed that poor girl.

As it turns out I think I like shooting grooms better. Why? Because they listen and do exactly as I say. Oh and they don't throw tantrums or poop in between takes.

Here are a few I was able to snap in between Avran's enraged wrath towards my camera haha!

Happy Wednesday!

Don't let his peaceful little face fool you. 99.9% of the shoot went a little more something like this...



  2. Welcome to the club dear Arleth!! I am not a professional photography like you are, but I know how hard it is to take pics of your own children ;)
    Little Avran is so cute! ... just keep trying Ok?!! LOL Just kidding, pictures are good. :)

  3. pictures are beautiful wish me and joe had some of those quality of our 4 kiddos LOL


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