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Friday, March 15, 2013

Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagement: Elia & Rudy

She's not easily fooled, but even with his nervous demeanor that night in San Francisco she still had no clue. Rudy was tricking Elia with a made up story about a free hotel tour and when he finally got her to the top of the hotel she was a little confused as to why they were not in the grand suite meeting with the tour guide like she had anticipated.

She spotted a table at a distance. On it were several cards and as she began to open and read each of them the pieces leading up to that moment all began to make sense. Rudy was telling their love story piece by piece in every card and along with a rose he handed her after each card was read, there, under the twinkling lights of a perfect San Francisco night he got down on one knee and handed her a beautiful shiny ring.

Sealing one chapter of their love story now to begin one for forever!

Congratulations Elia and Rudy! I can't wait for your wedding in October!



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