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Thursday, March 21, 2013

TBT: My First Time Shooting an Engagement Session

We arrived to Orange County more than an hour early but still I urged Mario to find a parking spot. As what is commonplace, I urge and give orders when I'm anxious. It was the first time we were shooting an engagement session, or any client for that matter, and I was nervous. Crazy thoughts ran through my head but I tried to wrap them inside a seemingly collected demeanor. I tried hard.

Are they going to be nice? Are we going to click? Are they going to like me? Oh my GOSH what if they don't like me?!? I hid my face behind my viewfinder pretending to adjust for light.

The truth is that day I was armed with only basic knowledge of my gear- and a whole lot of passion. I was ecstatic to finally get a real couple in front of my camera. Like a REAL couple, with a wedding date and everything! So after an hour or so when my couple arrived I shot away. I shot away for like five hours. FIVE people! I later learned a session could easily be shot in only one but for Mario and I, those five hours were the perfect beginning to what has become something we truly love.

We walked through colorful grungy streets talking, laughing, snacking and shooting in between falling in love with the couples story and with our craft. The couple could not have been any sweeter and guess what? It turned out they liked me! So much so we still remain friends today and I'm so grateful for that.

When I think back to those humble beginnings, nerves, fear and all, I can't help but fall in love with photography all over again. I will always and forever be grateful to that one sweet couple who put their trust in us, gave us a chance and jump started me into this job I'm crazy about.

Happy Thursday!



One from that day of our first engagement session on this Throw Back Thursday :)

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