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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Somersaults in my Tummy

The somersaults in my tummy
They sing to me every day
They wake me up in the morning
And rock me to sleep in my bed

The somersaults in my tummy
Form strange little hills on my waist
These odd little shapes on my belly
They light up my world with a new happiness

The somersaults in my tummy
They've stirred up an ocean of love
Kicked open a part of my heart
Only your tiny feet could reach into and find

-For Avran

So I woke up today feeling extra maternal and wanted to write a super emo post to my child. Like the kind that make you shed a tear or two as you're writing. What resulted was this little impromptu poem. I'm kinda contemplating printing and framing it for his nursery now but I don't know... what do you guys think? :)

4 more weeks ya'll!    

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  1. Wow !!! Yes super cute and yes u should frame it ! And 4 more weeks ! Time really passed by super fast ! Well all my love to u guys and baby Avran and God bless !

  2. I think you should!! It is beautiful!! Looking forward to meet your little bundle of joy! :)

  3. wow very nice poem ! you should frame it and hang it in his wall im sure he will ask questions when he grows up I painted my daughters room with butterflies and i explained to her wwhat a butterfly goes thru and she still loves it .... God Bless..

  4. Aww thank you guys so much! We can't wait to meet this litte guy either!


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