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Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Object Friday: Hand Knit Baby Beanies

I know, I know. It's been a LONG time since I've posted a random object. I've been lagging. And nobody reminds me of my laggerness more than Mario does. Every-week! The truth is things have been kinda baby crazy round these here parts as of late. And that, coupled with ensuring my lovely brides are all taken care of before I go into my mini maternity hibernation has taken up most of my time. So for those of you who noticed, my bad-o! :(

Speaking of baby crazy, with Avran making his way into the world in only a few short weeks, the G house has been undergoing all kinds of random. From a feeding high chair fully installed at our dinner table that stares at us while we're having dinner, to a ginormous mountain of diapers and wipe boxes piled up against our bedroom wall. I was even tempted to open up a box of wipes the last time I thought we ran out of TP! Ok, TMI!

Our closet is also also jam packed with all sorts of miniature clothing articles until the nursery is complete and one of our drawers is spilling with onesies, sockies, blankies and other adorable things like these little beanies that one of my brides hand made for us. When she handed them to me at Starbucks the other week I squealed and said "Awww he can wear only this for when I take his little naked pictures!!". I'm sure the barista appreciated that comment haha!

Anywho- I'll leave you with a few shots of these super cute beanies. Yet another little reason I LOVE that my couples are not only our clients but friends with whom we have the honor of sharing other special moments in life. Thank you Chrysti!



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