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Monday, March 18, 2013

Pretty Little Wedding Details

One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is photographing a bride and her girls as they prepare for the big day ahead. Curling irons, mascara tubes and sparkly wedding details are usually spread throughout the room and the anticipation and excitement in the air is almost palpable.

During this part of the wedding day I will normally shoot the brides special details such as her wedding dress and shoes etc. which are some of my absolute favorite details to photograph on a wedding day. They're my favorite because not only do I LOVE dresses, shoes and sparkly stuff but also because the items a bride chooses to wear on her special day give me some great insight as to the overall feel and aesthetic she prefers. Precious information for a wedding photographer like me who loves to read between the lines of a brides style in order to photograph her day in a way she will love.

Today I want to shed a little light on my process of shooting pre-ceremony wedding details with these five little tips:

1. Asses the look of the venue in relation to the wedding dress, shoes and rest of the details and determine a look to style the details which will compliment the brides wedding style.

2. Find some amazing light to shoot under keeping in mind tip #1 and style the details

3. If possible mix and match or layer detail elements to add more feel to the photos (example below shoes over the veil)

4. Shoot all details in and around the same area to keep color tones, lighting and backdrop texture/colors the same. This will allow for a cohesive design in the wedding album later.

5. Return all items to their original location and make sure you let the maid of honor or bridesmaids know where you have placed them so there is no confusion or time wasted when it comes time for the bride to get dressed.

Hope this helps shed a little light into my shooting process and if you have a set of pretty little wedding details you need photographed for your wedding day and would like to chit chat about them with me over cupcakes, then holla! :)

PS: Mention this post and cupcakes are on me ;)

Happy Monday!



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