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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is Professional Bridal Hair and Makeup Important? My two cents :)

I've been married for a little over five years now and often times, more so now that I've become a wedding photographer, I think about the things I would change or do differently if I were to be planning my wedding today in 2013.

For the most part I would keep everything the same with the exception of one thing and that's opting to do a first look, (shooting our formal photos before our ceremony instead of shooting them afterwards like we did). Precious wedding time wasted by not doing a first look but that's a whole different post! Besides that I LOVED everything else about my wedding. And when I think about the investments we made in order to make our day extra special and memorable, there's no doubt in my mind they were all well worth it and I would spend every dime all over again!

Our wedding, 2007. Photo credit Abiding Image Photography

One of the vendors in particular I would absolutely invest in all over again would be my hair and makeup artists. Hands down.Very few other days in a girls life is it THIS important to look and feel beautiful. Not only for the day of the wedding but to capture the beauty of that bride for posterity in her wedding photos.

Now from a wedding photographers perspective I can't say enough about the importance of hiring a professional. Particularly one with extensive experience with bridal work. A professional will know the exact balance between what translates beautifully in photos as well as under natural light so a bride doesn't look too caked up and clown like in person. The results? Priceless!

I know that with the high cost of weddings these days it's easy to try and save some cash by doing your own hair and makeup or having a "friend" do it with over the counter products but consider this: What good is an extravagant venue with gorgeous floral arrangements and the best satin linens if when you walk through the doors on the arm of your groom you don't look and feel your best? I could be wrong. I don't claim to know it all and I am aware that every wedding is different but those are just my two cents. :)

If you are in the market for a makeup artist here are a few tips from this former little bride who only wishes she could get all dolled up for her wedding all over again:

1. DO A TRIAL RUN! Don't skip this on account of saving cash. There will be nothing worse than looking at yourself in the mirror on your wedding day and hating what you see- with little or no time to fix it! Can you say bridal nightmare! Also if you're not accustomed to wearing fake lashes you will want to see how well you handle them or if you will need a different kind since some can feel a little heavy sometimes.

2. Look through the portfolio of the hair and makeup artist you are considering and ensure they fit your style and have solid experience with bridal work. You want to ensure he or she is more than capable to put together the look you want.

3. Don't be afraid to ask what products they use. A professional makeup artist won't mind and will be more than happy to share that information with you. Remember professional is always best.

4. If saving some cash is a concern, ask about package pricing. Some artists will offer the bride discounts if  one or more bridesmaids also have their hair and makeup done.

I personally work with Hair and Makeup Glitz and Glam By Ally, an absolutely amazing hair and makeup artist who offers special pricing to all of my beautiful brides. Click HERE to check out her full portfolio and give her a holler if stunningness is what you want for your wedding day. And yes stunningness is a word in my book haha!

Happy Wednesday!



Before and after bridal look by Hair and makeup by Hair and Makeup Glitz and Glam By Ally

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  1. Every Bride wishes that she should look her best on her wedding day.To get your best look you need professional Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist.


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