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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Look Events: Wedding Table Scape Shoot

During this time of year when wedding season comes to a slow I love having the opportunity to work on creative projects that allow me to hone in on my photography skills and grow in my craft in a setting that is low stress and not as fast paced as say a wedding would be.

Last week I had the honor of collaborating once again with the awesome creative duo that is Saeuntel and Krystal with The Look Events on a wedding table scape shoot. And really I couldn't be more stoked about all of the pretty filled awesomeness they lay out for me to shoot! Any bride would be SO lucky to have these ladies on their wedding dream team. 

Take a peek for yourself here.

Coordination and design: The Look Events
Florals: Flowerloft
Special room up-lighting and effects: PR Attractions

The first look was a gorgeous rustic boho-chic table scape which I loved... 

The second look was a classic elegant look with a rustic little twist. LOVED the yellow underlay...

since there aren't many decor ideas out there that cater to manly men, Saeuntel and Krystal put together a very cool looking masculine table which they dubbed "the man cave"...

some more gorgeousness in blue and green...

for the bride who LOVES her some bling...

and lastly some beautiful pink...

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