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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Levyland Estates Wedding, Carlsbad: Jennifer & Jeff

The day was beautifully overcast. And although there was some probability of rain in the forecast, for Jenn, there was no cloud large enough to overshadow the joy of this day. A day ten years in the making. And the smile she wore all day long announced it.

On this day they would make official what had been written in their hearts for years. The love of that young adolescent couple who met and fell in love so long ago was on this day reaffirmed. And in front of their closest family and friends a beautiful everlasting covenant was made.

"We've come a long way from the young couple on the swings" Jenn said in between sniffles during her vows as she recounted a sweet story about their young love.  And, Jenn and Jeff, from the bottom of my heart I wish you another ten, twenty and an eternity of years filled with more sweet love stories!



The day started off with beautiful wedding details...

Jenn wore this necklace the day she and Jeff went to prom...

Work it out girl!

LOVE first looks...

A very special and HUGE shout out to Marissa, Jill and the rest of the beautiful girls from the bridal party! Thank you for rocking it out for our cameras ladies you guys were awesome!

Absolutely LOVED these hand made paper bouquets made from dyed coffee filters. I loved them so much I'm totally biting their style for some of my baby shower decorations ;)

Such a sweet moment during their vows...

Some more beautiful paper flowers to add to the rustic elegance of the day...

...and my favorite part- dessert!

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