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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Secluded Garden Estates Wedding: Chrysti & Jorge

I always look forward to all of my weddings but this one in particular I held dear to my heart. Chrysti and Jorge were the winners of THEcontest earlier this year, a contest I held to gift one beautiful couple with free wedding photos on their big day. I can still remember the nervousness in their words as they explained just how badly they wanted...they needed to win. For months they had been planning and doing all they could to have the wedding of their dreams on the limited budget they had to work with. I recall how after winning they explained how many long hours they put in during the day- even taking off of work to try and get people to vote for their photo.

It's because of couples like Chrysti and Jorge that I fall more in love with what I do everyday and am glad to be able to contribute my little grain of sand to make such special moments in the lives of people like them just a little brighter :)

Chrysti and Jorge I've been seeing your Facebook posts and love to see how much you're enjoying yourselves cooking for each other and taking in this special time as newlyweds. I hope this peek at your photos adds that extra little touch of happy to your honey moon!




  1. the pictures are beautiful. you captured some amazing memories. looking at the slide show made me cry all over again.

  2. Aww thank you so much Rachell! :)


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