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Friday, November 9, 2012

Parking Tickets and What Would Jesus Do: ROF

A few days ago we went to the mall aaaaand we got a ticket. A parking violation ticket to be exact. How do you get a friggin' parking violation ticket parked in front of Macy's in the parking lot AT THE MALL!?!

Well as it turns out we forgot to put our new 2013 tag sticker on our license plate. Yes. There we found it the orange little thing, sitting in our glove compartment shiny and new as we stared down at the pink little paper before us that announced we were now $65 dollars poorer. I felt like egging the little parking lot patrol car but then I remembered, what would Jesus do haha!

So yea, whenever you see that funny golf looking little car patrolling the parking lots at your local mall, beware!

Happy Friday!


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1 comment:

  1. dont feel bad iv'e gotten the same one but in front of my house... can u imagine that ?? in front of my house in my driveway!! to be exact ... lol but i remember its my fault i didnt put the sticker on but send them a proof that i had purchased the sticker prior to getting the ticket and got it dismissed so i suggest the same for you .. anyway have a wonderfull week and dont put to much stress on the baby...


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