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Friday, November 16, 2012

Mario's Travel Items: Random Object Friday

Mario has this nifty little travel kit that he takes with him when we travel out of town. I'm secretly a little jealous every time I see it hanging in our hotel room cause' I think it looks cool and wish I had one of my own. MINE would be much more organized and for sure be stocked with waaaaay cooler stuff. Mostly of the sweet and edible kind. Because really, who needs shampoo when you can have Rollo's and mini coffee crumb donuts!

I was taking a closer look at what Mario carries in his travel kit and then I thought hey, why don't I share this with the world?! And right about now Mario is shaking his head mildly regretting the day that he married me haha!

Happy Friday everyone!


 Is it just me or can you also spot a few items that make you say what the heck?
Deodorant... pretty normal...
An empty bottle of scope...okay 

Headache pills, probably to be able to put up with me for hours in the car

And this one right here is just beyond me...a rusty giant sized safety pin for...I dunno help me fill in the blank! 

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